We have earmarked certain numbers of subscriptions licenses to students as scholarships. Students who fulfill the criteria set by us will get maximum discount or totally free to access our contents. Students who wish to apply for this are requested to send us an email to express your interest for this scholarship. We in turn send you a package containing the details on how to apply. Once we receive the application, we will scrutinize in-house and communicate with you.

Student Vouchers
Students can avail vouchers/Coupons to get the discount on packages of your choice. There are list of activities you could do to claim your vouchers. Please register with your full contact details and we will notify you on offers.

Some offers will be in the process and may not have been launched. To know more about the offers, please write to us and we will get back to you promptly with a right offer suiting to your needs.

There are many volunteer positions and we encourage students to explore this opportunities. These positions are short term and will not exceed more than a year. The activity will include promoting the project, supporting the project by giving inputs and feedback to improve the services, and most importantly one can play a role of college representative for our project purse. We will offer formal training and advice on best practices to help us better.

Associate with us
We encourage student to associate with us for all our activities. There are many ways where a student can associate with us. To understand your passion in this activity, we need to have one to one discussion to know where you are good at and empower activities that will suit you. These activities can be done by individual student or group of students. We would request you to mail us to know more about the different kind of association.

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